Topic 1: Dealing with multidisciplinary teams

When developing technological solutions for older adults, often a design team is installed that is multidisciplinary and consists of researchers, developers and end user organizations, who all have different backgrounds and experiences. The challenge is to successfully include the different actors and facilitate their engagement and contribution to the quality of requirements and implementation plans. But which methods can facilitate communication? What hurdles will you encounter? And how to overcome them?

Topic 2: Useful methods for communicating user requirements

A variety of different methods are available that allow the assessment and communication of user requirements in the development process. Some of the methods widely applied in AAL projects are observations, group discussions, workshops, interviews, use cases and personas. In the discussion we will put special focus on methods that can facilitate the communication of stakeholder requirements in project teams. Which methods proved to be successful? What are the reasons why certain methods fail?

Topic 3: Ensuring the implementation of requirements in the development process

Once requirements of all relevant stakeholders are assessed, the challenge is to effectively implement these requirements, putting them into practice. Thus, iterative testing and evaluations are required. Moreover, an active collaboration in the project teams, especially between user representatives and the technical team is required. What are the challenges with respect to the implementation of stakeholder requirements? How can they be addressed? Are there best practices that proved to be successful?

Topic 4: Failures and Lessons Learned from the requirements analysis and development process

Most of the time we only speak and report about the success stories and what worked out in the requirements analysis and development process. However, we hardly share our experiences on failure and lessons learned from what did not work out. The best way to learn from each other is to think critically about the own experiences and share them with others. Where did you fail in the requirements process? Why did you fail in meeting those requirements in the development process? What are lessons learned that you want to share?

For details about the discussed topics, please have a look to the summary of the interactive session.

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