Requirements meet solutions: How to successfully transfer stakeholder needs in AAL projects

Developing AAL products and services is a challenging process. A multidisciplinary team of researchers, developers, user representatives and other stakeholders are involved in the development process, aiming at designing and implementing solutions that meet the actual needs and wishes of the users. One of the biggest challenges in this process is to make sure that that user requirements are successfully communicated within the project team, which is often hindered by the different backgrounds and experiences of the involved parties.

Within this interactive session we aim at discussing how these challenges can be met best for the benefit of the future users. We specifically aim at addressing the following questions:

  • How to deal with multidisciplinarity in project teams?
  • What are useful methods for communicating user requirements?
  • How to ensure the implementation of user requirements in the development process?
  • What can we learn from failures regarding the communication and implementation of user requirements?

By reflecting upon past and ongoing AAL projects this interactive session aims at discussing pitfalls and best practices.

Invited speakers will present examples of successful and failed communication. Within group discussions participants are invited to bring in their experiences and to reflect upon possible solutions and future directions.

For details about the discussed topics, please have a look to the summary of the interactive session.